How to: Dispatch a Job

You can start dispatching assigned and unassigned jobs to your workers after you have created them or imported those jobs.

Step 1: Hover over the Jobs & Dispatch.

Step 2: Use the Dispatch Jobs Board. You can see Team Member to see information on the jobs already assigned as well as status updates on the Team Members.

Step 3: Choose a team member to see their assigned jobs sent for dispatch.

You can see which jobs have been assigned by clicking on a team member. Assigned jobs will automatically pop up for the day you have chosen on the Dispatch Board.

You can see which jobs have been unassigned by clicking on the Show unassigned jobs button.

You can assign "unassigned" jobs by clicking the box to the left of the unassigned job and use the Assign to bar to choose the member it is assigned to.

Step 4: You can optimize your team member's route by clicking the Optimize Route. You can also see their route settings and simulate the daily route with the Dispatch Board tools.

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