How to: Create a Job

A Job is a service ticket, a task a pickup or a drop-off/delivery which is performed at one single location.

In Hellotracks Business there are multiple ways to create a single Job and our goal is for your team to find the most efficient way to generate a Job to be dispatched to your team.

  1. How to manually create one job

Step 1: Go to the Jobs & Dispatch. Click on List of all jobs, click on + New Job

Step 2: Search for an address, a previously saved Place, click here to learn about Places. Or simply select the location on the map.

Step 3: Once you confirmed the location for the job. You can use the predefined fields or create your custom fields to add details to the job. You can enter a title for the Job. This will be the header of the job and the text your worker will see first on the mobile app.

  1. How to Import a Job

Step 1: Hover over the Jobs & Data menu. Click on Import Jobs.

Step 2: Import the information with a file upload or copy/paste the data directly into the provided spreadsheet. 

Note* Templates are available.

Step 3: Click Start Importing.

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