How to: Create, Edit, & Import Places

Table of Contents

What is a Place?

Places are geofences. Whether your company's Places are frequently visited locations or job sites, Hellotracks will allow you to capture check-in and outs (i. e. arrival/departure time stamps, and total onsite time at those Places).

How to: Create a Place

Step 1: Go to the Place view and click on + New Place

Step 2: Fill in the address of the geofence or select the location on the map and Click Create.

Step 3: Drag the center to move the place or drag from the sides to change the radius (i.e. the size of the geofence and click next and save your place).

How to: edit a Place

Step 1: Go to the Place view and select one or multiple places and click on Edit.

Step 2: You can update the Name, Radius, Color, etc.

How to: Import Places

Step 1: Go to the Places view and click on Import places

Step 2:  Enter the information directly on the spreadsheet available

Or use the templates available for download to import your Places. And upload the file from your computer and start importing!

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