How to: Use Auto Check-in and Outs

Step 1: First, you need to set up an Alert.

Hellotracks will allow you to register automatic or manual check-ins (arrivals) and checkouts (departures) from Places or Jobs locations.

Places are geofences. Whether your company's Places are frequently visited locations or job sites Hellotracks will allow you to capture check-in and outs, i.e. arrival/departure time stamps, and total onsite time at those Places. Click here to learn how to create a Place or click here to learn how to create and dispatch Jobs.

The check-in and outs data is available from different views on the web platform and available to export as reports.

Note* You can access this data from each member's Timeline and Stops view.



Step 2: To export the data, simply go to Analyze and open the Reports view.

You can choose from the "Check-ins" reports, "Place on-site time" reports and "On-site times of your team" report. To learn more about Report, please click here.

  • Alternatively, you can set custom alerts to be sent to multiple email addresses or phone numbers when workers check-in or out of a Place.

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