How to: Use Auto Check-Ins & Check-Outs

Hellotracks will allow to register automatic check-ins (arrivals) and check-outs (departures) without the need for manual intervention when your team members arrive at or leave from the Places or Jobs locations.

Step 1: Click the dropdown menu under your profile and select Company. Or, go to Settings from the Manage section of the main menu and select Company Settings.

Step 2: Select Company Settings.

Step 3: In Auto Check-ins at Places and Jobs, check the box to enable automatic check-ins/outs. Adjust the settings for delay, area, and Zone check-ins as needed. Click Save.

Step 4: Access the data from each member's Timeline and Stops view.



Step 5: To export the data, go to Reports from the Analyze section of the main menu. Then, select Create new reports.

Choose from 'Check-ins' reports, 'Place on-site times' reports, and 'On-site times of your team' reports. To learn more about reports, click here.

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