Company Settings and Permissions

As the Administrator of your Hellotracks Business account you can update the Permissions and Settings for the entire Company Account.

Step 1: You can access the Company Settings Member Permissions, by clicking the drop down menu on the left upper corner and clicking on "Company" or by selecting the "Settings" view and selecting "Company Settings".


  • In the first section you can change the general settings of the account, such as language and the time zone.

  • The second section is specific for location data and the mobile app.
  • If you need to enable automatic check-in and outs, i.e. the capture of arrival, departure time stamps and total onsite time of your members when visiting a Place or a Job site.

  • The delay is for Hellotracks to consider a minimum on site time at the Place or Job to register a visit with a check-in/out. This is to avoid duplicates or false check-ins when members walk or drive by a Place without necessarily entering.
  • The area will be consider as a default for Job locations.
  • If you are required to delete location data automatically and with a certain frequency, you can enable the best option for your team here.

  • The last option will allow you to predefine a Status-List for your workers to choose from on the mobile app.

The worker can choose from the mobile app the different Status available.

You will see the status of the worker from the web platform


As an Administrator you can enable or disable permissions for your Operators and Workers.

  • If you create teams and require that your Operators have exclusive access to the location of the workers from the team they belong to, make sure that you disable the option "Operators may see workers of other team on the map". Enable this option by clicking the check box if you need your operators to access the location of all the workers.

  • If you need to the access of your workers to the location of other workers, make sure that the second option is disabled, ie. worker may see members of the same team on the map.
  • Remember that the Active Switch/Toggle from the mobile app can be removed. If you would rather deactivate tracking automatically, you can set a working hours schedule for an entire team or per worker.

The tracking switch will be reomved from the mobile app when disabling the option, see the screenshots below:

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