A Zone is a highlighted area on the map.

  • Zones can be available to all or specific members of a team in the mobile app.
  • Zones can be added to a Job to highlight the area that should be covered by Workers.
  • Zones can trigger alerts when Workers arrive or leave the area.

How to: Create a Zone

Step 1: Go to Places & Zones from the Manage section of the main menu.

Step 2: From the Zones view, click + New Zone.

Step 3: Begin by clicking on the map to mark the first point. Then, continue outlining the area to form a polygon shape. Right-click the mouse button or click the last point to finish.

Step 4: Create a name for the Zone. Click Save.

How to: Add Zone to a Job

Step 1: After creating the Zone, create a new Job or select an existing Job.

Step 2: From the Job overview, select Attachments.

Step 3: Add the Zone in Linked Zones. Click Save.

Step 4: To add the Zone to multiple Jobs, start by selecting the Jobs. Then, click the Edit jobs menu above and click All fields. Next, locate the Linked Zones and add. Click Apply.

How to: Set Up a Zone Alert

Step 1: Go to Alerts from the More section of the main menu.

Step 2: Click + New Config.

Step 3: Fill in the necessary information that sets off the alert, and choose either 'Enters Zone' or Leaving Zone' for the action.

Step 4: Add the Zone you want to trigger an alert in Linked Zones. Click Save.

Note* Depending on the alert configuration, notifications will be sent to the associated phone number and email address. Once created, your alert will be listed where you can review, edit and delete.

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