Places versus Zones

Places are circular geofences which have a radius that goes from 25m/82ft to 500m/1640.42ft.

Zones are highlighted areas on the map shown as polygons and they can be as large as you need them to be.

Whether your Places are frequently visited locations or job sites Hellotracks will allow you to capture check-in and outs, i.e. arrival/departure time stamps, and total onsite time at those Places.

When creating a job, you can enter the name of the Place, if this job should take place at the location of a Place.

If you need to highlight an entire era such as a Zone and the worker should cover the area. You will need to enter an address or Place location for the job and additionally attach a Zone for that Job.

On the attachments tab, you can add one or multiple Zones to add to one specific Job.

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