First Steps

Table of Contents

  1. Download the Mobile app

You CAN download the mobile app on your device to locate your device on the Live Map.  We recommend trying out the mobile app to get a sense of the field staff experience. 

Remember that you are an Admin, this means that users with the role of Workers or Operators won't have access to your location.

From Google Play or the App Store, search and install the Hellotracks mobile app and login with your credentials, i.e. username and password.

Make sure you enable your Location permission to “All the time” or “Always” depending on your device and ensure the precise location is activated for accurate tracking even when Hellotracks is in the background.

Once you install the mobile app and login, check the web platform and go to the Live Map. You will see that your icon will appear on the map. You will be able to locate yourself in real-time and see your device status, such as stationary or on the go. 

  1. Adding Users

Go to the Team view and click on +New Member. You can create this member using an email address. The email will be their Hellotracks username login.

They will receive an invitation email on how to finish setting up their account. Enter their name and choose a role for this member from the three options available

  • Workers only have access to the mobile app to share their live location and see their jobs, while -Operators can access both the web dashboard and the mobile app and can create, manage and dispatch jobs.
  • Administrators have the unique ability to add or delete members and manage the Company account settings.

Alternatively, you can create members without an email address or by sharing an invite code on your preferred communication app. People using the invite link will join your account with a worker role. 

All users that you add, will also need to install the Hellotracks app from Google Play or the App Store, and login with their credentials. Make sure they enable Location permission “All the time” or “Always” depending on their device.

  1. User Permissions

As an Administrator, you can select or deselect the access rights for your operators and workers. For example, you can choose for your workers to see

  • all other workers,
  • only the workers that are part of their team,
  • or no one.

Permissions also include the option for the workers to send messages to other team members and to create places from the mobile app.


All users that activate the mobile app will appear on the live map. You will be able to follow them in real-time from the Live Map. You will be able to see each user’s status, e.g. on the way or stationary.

In addition to the live location of each user, you can access each user’s timeline containing all activities that occur during one specific day.

Tracks show all your worker's tracks registered with starting location, destination, total distance and speed. And the stops, with every pause and its total duration at a place, a job or between tracks.

  1. Creating Places

Places are geofences that represent workers’ frequently visited locations such as a headquarters, a client’s location or job sites. When an employee visits a Place, the app will automatically capture their arrival, departure and total onsite time.

Simply go to Places and click on “+ New Place” to add a new geofence. if you want to import multiple locations you can use the spreadsheet available on “Import Places”, or download an Excel template.

Enter the address or click and drag the pin on the map

Drag the circle from the sides to change the radius.

  1. Check-In/Out Notifications

Go to your Company settings and make sure your check-in/out settings are correct

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