How to: Create a Recurring Sequence

Step 1. Go to the Dispatch menu. Select List of all jobs, then click the clock icon near the search bar.

Step 2: Click New empty recurring route to create a new sequence. Click Save.

Step 3: Your sequence is now saved! You can always load your 'Sequence' at any time from the Dispatch. Simply click the Recurring routes or return to the clock icon to see the saved list.

Step 4: To add Jobs, drag them to the Sequence board. Rearrange their order by dragging them within the board. To remove a Job, click on it and then click the trash icon.

Step 5: You can assign rules for your Sequence, either as a one-time occurrence or choose to automatically assign them to a team member on a set schedule.

Step 6: To set up the sequence to recur, select the team member and the days they will receive it automatically.

Note* You can always edit your sequences at any time! 

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