How to: Troubleshoot Location Issues

Troubleshoot Checklist:

  •        The mobile app is updated 
  •        Is the battery level for the device above 15%
  •        Is the user actually logged in 
  •        The most recent location timestamp is updated 
  •        The tracking status is Active 
  •        Network and GPS location providers are enabled

If the device seems to meet all the criteria for optimal tracking in real-time and you are still experiencing issues or a delay in location, make sure the device is ON and has an active internet connection.  

To troubleshoot a specific Team Member's location issue:

Step 1: Hover over the Manage menu. Select Team. 

Step 2: Click on the Members Tab. From here you can see the status of your team members, their last location and the Hellotracks application version they have installed on their devices.

Step 3: Click on the team member name. This will bring up their user profile. Check Status to view the device information. 

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