Improving GPS Accuracy

How to Improve your GPS Accuracy?

  • Try to make sure your device is positioned in such a way to capture the GPS signal; try keeping the device high and in open areas - near windows if you are in a car or buildings – to get the best outcome.
  • Try to avoid places with high probabilities of having poor GPS reception to the best of your ability (natural or city created valleys and canyons, dense forests, walls, etc.)
  • Make sure to keep your device charged while running GPS applications. Low battery levels are one of the main reasons for losing signals on your device.
  • Keep the GPS application active on your device. When an application becomes stagnant from non-use, it often stops actively tracking.
  • Make sure to do your research in regard to devices. Different devices have different GPS chips, so if GPS is one of the vital tools you will need to use then make sure you pick a device that is appropriate.
  • Consider connecting to third-party Bluetooth GPS receivers for better signals. This will improve your positioning data notably.
  • There is always the option to restart your device and/or turn GPS on/off several times. This helps more often than not. The reboot helps the GPS system to recalibrate, which can lead to better signal reception.

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