How to: Get Notified when User Logs In/Out

The Hellotracks mobile app requires that every user is logged in with the tracking feature in active mode to accurately share a real-time location and tracks.

From the Live map, you will see the real-time status of each member.

To confirm the status of each member, open their profile and select Device.

Here, you can access details about their most recent log in or log out activity.

Create Alerts to receive an email or SMS when the connection to a user's device is lost.

Step 1: Go to Alerts and click on + New Config.

Step 2: Enter a title for this alert and the phone number and/or email address to which this alert should be sent. Additionally, select a schedule for the alert to avoid receiving notifications outside of your working hours.

Step 3: Select the condition or activity that should trigger this alert, (e.g. John Smith has no connection to the device). Click Save.

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