Lifecycle Management with Okta (SCIM)

  1. Features:
    1. Create Users: Users in Okta that are assigned to Hellotracks application in Okta are automatically added as members to your organization in Hellotracks.
    2. Deactivate Users: Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through OKTA will delete the user (Logical deletion) on Hellotracks.
    3. Update Users attributes: Updates made to the user's profile through OKTA will be pushed to Hellotracks and automatically synchronized.

  1. Requirements: SCIM-based user provisioning is available to Business customers platform plans. Ensure that this process is carried out by an Administrator.

    • To set up SCIM, please use your API-KEY from the API & Integrations page as the API-TOKEN while configuring SCIM in the Okta Console.

  1. How to configure
    • In the Okta Admin Console go to Applications and click "Browse App Catalog".

    • Search for Hellotracks

    • Click "Add Integration"

    • Click "Done"

    • Click Provisioning tab:
      • Enable API integration box
      • Enter API TOKEN
      • Test API Credentials

    • On same Provisioning tab, inside Settings menu:
      • Select "To App" option.
      • Look for the following options: "Create Users", "Update User Attributes", and "Deactivate Users".
      • Important: Ensure that the “default username” used to create accounts in Okta is set to “Email”
      • Enable each of these options
      • Click Save

All done.

Now users are ready to use Okta SCIM in Hellotracks. ✅


If you have questions or difficulties with your Hellotracks/Okta SCIM integration, please contact support via

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